Woodsure Auditor

Woodsure is currently recruiting for a new auditor to cover North Wales, predominately in LL, CH, and CW areas.

The role is for an auditor to be appointed on a sub-contract basis through a Bought in Service Agreement – you must operate your own company but not be conflicted through holding Woodsure or Ready to Burn certification.

Work experience requirements;

  • Minimum of three years full time experience in forest based or biomass related industries. (The number of years of total work experience may be reduced if the auditor has completed a relevant qualification in an appropriate forest based or related industry)
  • Preferable experience and/or qualification in auditing/quality management systems

Key role Activities;

  • Assess a fuel supplier’s operation and competence in producing fuel to the claimed quality
  • Audit appropriate documentation and process requirements
  • Make a judgement for suitability for inclusion on the register and make recommendations
  • Liaise with Woodsure, applicants and existing registrants to agree on appointments and carry out inspection/assessment
  • Review Woodsure/Ready to Burn database, supplier search and any documentation provided
  • Liaise and respond directly with the fuel supplier (applicant or registrant) to clarify assessment dates
  • Make a recommendation for acceptance/rejection as an output to the audit to Woodsure

If you want to apply for the Woodsure Auditor position, please send a cover letter and your CV to hr@hetas.co.uk.

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