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November 2022

21.11 – Please be aware that there are currently numerous fraudulent certificates in circulation across Europe that are being presented to potential customers, including certified Traders, as evidence that the product they are purporting to sell is ENplus® certified. The certificates look authentic and appear to be issued by approved certification bodies but usually contain an ENplus® ID that belongs to an entirely different company. Read the full article here.

04.11 – RHI Biomass Fuel Guidance – suspension of fuel quality requirements for wood pellet fuel only. Read the full guidance here.

03.11 – The new BSL website is now live.

March 2022 

31.03 – We are extending the administration window for suppliers to prove their compliance with the legislative requirements set out in Schedule 4A toThe Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme and Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2021. We are taking this action to minimise the impact on consumers due to any shortage in eligible fuel. This extension will last until 1 June 2022.Read our full update here.

04.03 – Waste wood guidelines have now been published. This is guidance to help you meet the requirements of the RHI regulations for registrants on the BSL for the 1st April for waste derived wood fuel. Click here to view the guidelines.

February 2022

28.02 – Biomass Suppliers Newsletters Issue 13 (February 2022) is now available. Click here to view the latest newsletter.

10.02 – Supplier Fuel  Quality Regulations FAQs published. This FAQ document is intended to answer questions for suppliers currently registered on the BSL associated with the new fuel quality regulations published on 25th January 2021 and which come into force on 1st April 2022.

December 2021

20.12 – Biomass Suppliers Newsletters Issue 12 (December 2021) are now available:

17.12 – Fuel Quality is coming to the BSL – early in 2021 legislation was introduced that made a number of changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The changes to the RHI which impact upon accredited Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) fuel suppliers come into effect on 1st April 2022. The legislation places requirements on both self-suppliers AND commercial suppliers (Producers, Traders and Producer-Traders). All suppliers should take action now to ensure they can comply with the legislative requirements by 1st April 2022 implementation date. Click on the ‘Fuel Quality’ tab in the ‘About‘ section of the website to find out more.

November 2021

17.11 – voting is now closed for the Biomass Suppliers List Advisory Panel. The BSL Administrators will be contacting successful candidates and announcements will be made shortly.

01.11 – nominations for the Biomass Suppliers List Advisory Panel are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made nominations. Updates on the voting process to follow shortly.

October 2021

21.10 – Nominations are now open for the Biomass Suppliers List Advisory Panel. Click here to read more and nominate.

August 2021

BSL Newsletter Issue 11 (August 2021) published.

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here

April 2021

27.04 – BSL Newsletter Issue 10 (April 2021)

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

19.04 – Land Criteria Guidance Leaflet

To download a copy of the leaflet, please click here. 

January 2021

27.01 – BSL Newsletter Issue 9 (January 2021)

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

October 2021

28.10 – BSL Newsletter Issue 8 (October 2020)

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

05.10 – Please be advised that the UK Risk Based Regional Assessment (RBRA) Template has been updated to v1.3. The updates include formatting amendments and updated Forestry Commission statistics. The new template (v1.3) has been published on the Documents and guidance page of the BSL website and can also be found here.

From 05.10.20, all new BSL applications will be required to include completion and submission of v1.3 of the RBRA.

July 2020

29.07 – BSL Newsletter Issue 7 (July 2020)

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

15.07 – Following guidance issued by the Government, it has been decided to conduct only desk-based audits until further advice is provided. To download a copy of our desk-based audit sheet, please click the attachment: Preparing for BSL Desk-Based Audit

June 2020

25.06 – The BSL Advisory Panel Terms of Reference has been updated to v1.1. The full document can be found on the Documents and guidance page

10.06 – COVID-19 – Enquiry 2- Impacts on Biomass Supply Chains

BSL issued a survey in April 2020 to all BSL suppliers to assess the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on Biomass supply chains. On 28th May 2020, a second round to the survey was issued to ask for further feedback on the ongoing impacts.

The survey is now closed and the responses will be analysed, to be shared with the Government and industry trade associations. We greatly appreciate your feedback.

April 2020

25.04 – BSL Newsletter Issue 6

To download a copy of the newsletter, please click here.

22.04 – COVID-19 – Impacts on Biomass Supply Chains

BSL is becoming aware of a number of instances where the actions associated with controlling the Coronavirus outbreak are impacting demand and biomass supply chains. We are keen to receive our members’ feedback on the depth and reach of the impact across the industry and issued a survey in April 2020.

This is now closed, however a follow-up enquiry will be issued in May and we would be grateful for as many responses as possible.

The information provided will be anonymised and summarised, and shared with Government and industry trade associations, to inform any future actions they may take to support the industry. We will  review the responses regularly to monitor the situation. We thank you for your help.

January 2020

20.01 – BSL Newsletter Issue 5

To download a copy of the newsletter please click here.

October 2019

31.10 – BSL Newsletter Issue 4

To download a copy of the newsletter please click here.

July 2019

31.07 – BSL Newsletter Issue 3

To download a copy of the newsletter please click here.


BSL Newsletter Issue 2

To download a copy of the newsletter please click here.


This is the first issue of the BSL newsletter. This is where we will provide regular updates on policy changes, statistics, ongoing developments and improvements within the scheme.

To download a copy of the newsletter please click here.


The BSL Advisory Panel election has opened. An email was issued to all authorised suppliers on the BSL with a voting form and details on how to vote attached. Voting closes on 10 July 2018. 


Following the recent communication regarding the concern about the usage of waste wood in biomass boilers and after listening to feedback from the industry, BSL will be releasing a new waste wood guidance document.

This guidance document has been created to provide clarification on:

  • What waste wood is
  • Waste wood classifications
  • Waste wood quality standards
  • Legislation around the legal usage of waste wood

The BSL advisory panel has discussed the issue and after careful consideration, they recommended that guidance is tightened to restrict waste wood of unknown provenance.

We aim to release this guidance document as soon as possible. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will make a final decision based on this recommendation and the actual release date will be announced soon.


A useful waste wood guidance document produced by the Environment Agency can be read here.


A BSL Advisory Panel has been set up to discuss and input into how the BSL is run and make recommendations to BEIS (formerly DECC). The first Panel meeting was held on 16 December 2016. 

A Decisions and Actions report on the meeting can be found here.


The final list of members of the BSL Advisory Panel has been finalised following the election, and the first meeting was held on 16 December 2016. The list of members can be found here.


From 1 January 2017, all BSL suppliers will have to pay fees to have authorised fuels on the Biomass Suppliers List. Further information on the charges, including how much and when the fees need to be paid is available to read here. You can also read the BSL Charges – Questions and answers document, which answers frequently asked questions about the fees and how much, and when, to pay. 


The BSL Advisory Panel election has opened. An email was issued to Master Admin Users for all suppliers on the BSL today with a voting form and details on how to vote attached. Voting closes on 22 November 2016. 


The new look BSL website has gone live! The next time you log into your supplier account, remember that you will be asked to change your password for data protection reasons. All your other information, such as BSL authorisation numbers, will not change.