RHI reporting and fuel quality

The BSL Administrator is aware that some people have had issues since the re-introduction of the fuel quality criteria on 23rd November 2023. If you have been affected, please see below:

  • Have you purchased the fuel since the 22nd of November? If yes,
    • check the BSL number on the invoice
    • go back to your supplier and query whether the BSL number is correct.
  • If you haven’t purchased the fuel since 22nd of November:
    • check with your supplier that the BSL number is correct; and 
    • advise Ofgem that you purchased the fuel before the suspension was lifted.
  • If you are still experiencing issues after this:
    • forward on your communication with the supplier and OFGEM RHI team and to the BSL helpdesk with a brief explanation of your situation.”

The BSL Helpdesk can be contacted in the following ways or by completing the contact enquiry form here:

Tel: (+44) 01684 215253 

The Helpdesk is open Monday to Thursday, 9:30am to 5pm and to 4:30pm on Friday. 

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