RHI participants

All domestic RHI participants with boilers under 1,000 kW, who are sourcing woody biomass and wish to claim money under the RHI scheme must use fuel that is authorised on the BSL.

Non-domestic RHI participants with boilers under 1,000 kW, which are sourcing woody biomass can choose to use the BSL scheme to claim their RHI payments, instead of self-reporting to Ofgem.

Searching for a local BSL supplier

If you want to find a local supplier of BSL authorised fuels, please click here.

For more information about using the BSL to claim RHI payments, please click here.

Note that to be eligible for RHI payments, participants need to burn the correct fuel in the biomass boilers, as specified on the Emissions Certificate (EC).  Burning non-compliant fuel may lead to RHI payments being stopped and could void manufacturers’ warranties. 

Claiming RHI payments

For Domestic RHI participants, it is mandatory to use a BSL number to claim your RHI payments from Ofgem. Non-domestic RHI participants can either use a BSL number or self-report directly to Ofgem. For further information on the domestic RHI scheme, please click here, and for the non-domestic RHI scheme, please click here.

To make the process of claiming your RHI payments smoother, when purchasing fuel from an authorised BSL supplier, please ensure that the following information is included on your invoice:

  • Name of your supplier
  • BSL Authorisation number
  • Quantity of fuel purchased (in tonnes/kg/m3/net heat/gross heat)
  • Moisture content (% on a wet basis) of the final product (this could alternatively be included in your contract with the supplier)
  • Fuel type
  • Date sold
  • Date delivered / collected
  • Delivery address
  • Your name

Please note that the BSL is a mark of fuel sustainability and legality only, it is not a mark of fuel quality.

Click here to learn more about fuel quality and the BSL.