Nominations are now open for the Biomass Suppliers List Advisory Panel

As BSL Administrators we would like to open nominations for a new Advisory Panel. To nominate yourself please follow the link below. The nomination process will close on 12th November. Where we receive multiple nominees for the same category, the BSL registrants will be asked to vote for their preferred candidate.

Advisory Panel purpose

The Panel serves a number of purposes, including:

  • Provides strategic advice to the Department for Energy, Security & Net Zero (DESNZ) on the supply of biomass wood fuel through meetings of this Panel; 
  • Ensures that all participants within the biomass sector have open and fair access to the BSL; 
  • Ensures that fees applied to Suppliers on the BSL are appropriate and kept within reasonable and affordable limits;
  • Ensures that scheme administration and any improvements raised reflect user needs; 
  • Escalates BSL Advisory Panel concerns to DESNZ; and 
  • Develops terms of reference of the annual audit of the BSL Administrator.

The Panel shall consist of up to 18 Members from the following categories:

  • Members representing BSL suppliers (self-suppliers, producers, producer-traders, traders)
  • Members representing fuel types (pellets, chip, logs, waste wood)
  • Members representing raw materials (forestry, waste wood, arboricultural arisings, sawmill residues)
  • Members representing industry bodies (forestry, waste wood fuel, wood heating)
  • Advisory Panel Non Voting Members (fuel quality certification scheme, government forestry (England), government forestry (Scotland), government forestry (Wales)

Some members may represent multiple categories, depending on their experience and expertise.

Please note: closing date for nominations is Sunday 12th November 2023.

If you would like to be considered to represent industry on the Biomass Suppliers List Advisory Panel, please complete the short survey by clicking ‘Make your nomination’.

The full ‘Terms of Reference’ for the BSL Advisory Panel can be viewed here.

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