Power BI Reporting

Ofgem Weekly Report + Origin of BiomassA list of active BSL numbers on the portal.26.02.2024
E-Audits, Trader Apps, DocumentsData for all active Producer & Producer-Trader applications.26.02.2023
Quarterly ReportsQuarterly Reports for all suppliers07.03.2024
QR Email Notifications Sat 1702 0904 AM to 1006 AMList of emails sent a payment reminder on Saturday 17th February. Please see comments in file for more details.22.02.2024
Paid StatusStats on Payment status for BSL.01.07.2024
Applications Missing Information 08042024List of applications missing Key Information to calculate GHG Emissions.08.04.2024
Draft Annual Report for BSL Contract – 10.2.1Draft Annual Report for BSL Contract.18.04.2024
Payment HistorySearch the Payment History for any BSL Account(Downloads a file).05.06.2024