Keeping your information up to date

It’s crucial for your information on the Biomass Suppliers List to be up to date. Your information that is on file should be easily accessed by you and only accessible to you.

In addition to this, changes to your information such as the addresses of depots or locations of boilers can impact the certification of your BSL number(s). Informing us as soon as possible of a material change will mean that we can help to ensure that everything is in line, preventing future issues where information is found to be incorrect at audit.

You can check and change the details of your account and profile using the Biomass Suppliers List portal. Once logged in, you can select “My Profile” on the hotbar and it will show the information for your contact details and email address. If you’re the Master User on the account, you’ll also be able to select “Company Details” and ensure the information is correct and up to date. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and contact addresses.

Further to this, for each of your BSL numbers you can select the Application Reference number and it will show the details of that fuel. This includes the depots and boiler locations.

If a user has left the company, you can also remove those users to allow for more users to access the account – although only the Master User can change details on the account. Please note, we cannot share details regarding the account with users who are not listed, so it is important you keep your records updated.

Keeping your information correct and up to date is very important. This ensures we can contact you regarding your account which is especially important when it comes to ongoing obligations such as undertaking audits. Failure to keep this information up to date can result in the removal of a BSL certification.

The BSL administration team is here to assist you in updating your details. Contact us via the Master User email address if you are having trouble with the portal or updating your details and we can update information on your behalf.

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