Independent review into fuel quality implementation

Renewable Energy Association undertake independent review of fuel quality implementation

In January 2021 fuel quality legislation was laid in Schedule 4A of the RHI regulations.  

Schedule 4A was intended to come into force on 1st April 2022 and cover the implementation of fuel quality standards for all biomass boilers participating in the Domestic and Non-Domestic RHI that are burning wood.   The fuel quality requirements were put into legislation by BEIS, enforced by Ofgem and impacted on suppliers and self suppliers alike.   Anyone claiming RHI payments needs to comply either with a BSL number or if a self reporter to Ofgem, evidence that they comply with the legislation.  

The new requirements were originally to come into force in April 2022. However, implementation was delayed until June 2022 due to it becoming clear that the industry was neither fully aware or prepared for them to come into effect.  

REA’s independent review seeks to identify what went wrong with Schedule 4A’s implementation, what went right – and to deliver recommendations for future implementation of similar regulations so that lessons can be learned from this experience. If you are interested in giving your opinion, we will be sharing a link to the REA stakeholders review in early 2023 and we will advise all BSL participants of this review.  

The REA is well placed to conduct this review as the Biomass Heat industry trade body and an independent observer to the implementation of the scheme.